Hayward SP056525 Elite Underwater Quartz Halogen Above Ground Light


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Hayward SP056525 Elite Underwater Quartz Halogen Light

The options for underwater lighting for inground pools q43 endless, but when it comes to aboveground pools, there is far less choice. If you’re looking for a quality underwater lighting solution for your aboveground pool, the Hayward Elite Underwater Quartz Light provides quality and reliable pool lighting system for aboveground pool owners.

Why choose the Hayward Elite Underwater Quartz Light?

The Hayward Elite lighting is designed to cast a wide and clear glow throughout the pool. Instead of seeing a single beam of light, every part of your pool will be illuminated. Bright, white light makes your pool safer and more inviting, but the Hayward Elite also comes with the option of using coloured lenses to change the look and feel of your pool.

Despite the performance and brightness of these lights, they are extremely efficient, with low voltage and inexpensive operation.

For anyone who like to repair and upgrade themselves the DIY way, this Hayward pool lighting kit comes complete with an installation kit that includes a pre-wired transformer (including a power switch), wall cutting tools, a 25 foot power cord, and coloured lenses that will allow you to change the mood of your pool in an instant.

Reliable Underwater Lighting for Aboveground Pool Owners

Adding underwater lighting to your pool can make it more inviting, safe, and comfortable for your family and friends to enjoy evening swims. Underwater light is one of the best ways to change the atmosphere of your yard, and encourage more use of your pool. With the Hayward Elite Underwater Quartz Light, aboveground pool owners have access to a reliable, efficient, and easy to install pool light.

The optical lens disburses the light for full pool coverage. The through-the-wall in-ground design can be installed anywhere around the pool for optimum lighting and doesn’t interfere with the pool’s filtration. The multi-colored lens kit adds an elegant touch to the pool’s lighting, to create a special effect or enhance the mood. The light housing comes pre-wired with 25 feet of cord and a 120V/12V transformer with on/off switch.

  • Efficient, low-voltage, 50 Watt halogen light. Increases safety, fun, appearance and pool use!
  • Position the light anywhere around the pool. Flexible 360°, wall positioning.
  • Mood enhancing color lens kit included.
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation. Kit includes: Light, pre-wired 12 Volt transformer with on/off switch, 25 ft. cord, wall cutting tool and color lenses.

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