Pentair 98610002 Aqualuminator 2000 Aboveground Pool Light


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Pentair Aqualuminator 2000 Aboveground

Finding the perfect lighting for your aboveground pool can be a challenge, and many of them involve the expense of installation. With the Pentair Aqualuminator aboveground pool light, there are new options for easy lighting options for aboveground pool owners.

Why choose the Pentair Aqualumintor Aboveground Pool Light?

Adding lighting to your aboveground pool is a wonderful way to make it more safe, more inviting, and more attractive for your home. Many pool lighting options require specialty installation and expensive wiring to function properly. With the Aqualuminator aboveground pool light, Pentair has introduced a solution that makes aboveground pool lighting so much easier.

The convenient Aqualuminator can easily connect to your return fitting, providing you light without the need to make any alterations to your pool walls. These lights are designed to install easily, without interrupting water flow or functionality. The Pentair Aqualuminator pool lights can also be adapted for use in fountain fixtures with a separate attachment.

With a 25 foot power cord, you can easily plug in the Aqualuminator into an existing outlet, saving you from the expense and frustration of a permanent wiring solution.

Simple and Reliable Lighting for Aboveground Pools

If you’ve been looking for a new way to make your aboveground pool more bright, inviting, and safe for evening swims, new lighting for your pool is the way to go. With the Pentair Aqualuminator, you’ll have access to bold bright lighting that helps you enjoy more summer swimming each year.

  • Light and return fitting
  • 25-ft. plug-in cord
  • Deluxe retail packaging
  • Fits most aboveground pools
  • AQL 500 for smaller pools
  • Pressure cleaner adapter
  • Fountain attachment available
  • Hard plumbing adapter

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