Colour LED Aqualamp Replacement Bulb

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Colour LED Bulb for Aqualamp Lights

The Aqualamp Rainbow Rays lights are among the most popular choice for Canadians looking to enhance the safety and beauty of their backyards for evening swims. With Rainbow Rays lights, you can enhance the mood of any evening or event with a light show, or by setting the mood or theme with a specific colour.

If you have an Aqualamp one- or two-light inground lighting system, these colour LED bulbs are the replacement you need to get your colourful pool lights functioning again.

Using the Colour LED Bulb for Aqualamp Lights

Keeping your pool light system functioning is easy with Aqualamp. This replacement bulb is suitable for use in the inground Aqualamp Rainbow Rays LED one or two light systems. Each and every inground pool lighting system is designed to fit a particular bulb, and it is essential that you choose Aqualamp Rainbow Rays replacement bulbs for use in your Rainbow Rays system.

The efficient Aqualamp bulbs are designed to last up to 10 times longer than traditional pool light bulbs, and work with a minimum of energy – making them environmentally friendly, and affordable to operate. To ensure ongoing performance, this replacement bulb also comes with a new o-ring for your housing, preventing leaks and ensuring your new bulb will function without damage.

The Aqualamp Rainbow Rays Lighting System provides one of the most unique and powerful lighting shows and colour options available for inground pools. Unlike many other lighting systems, Rainbow Rays bulbs use colour LED lights, rather that coloured lenses, provide their rainbow glow. To ensure the ongoing performance that the Rainbow Rays bulbs have always provided, be sure you choose the right replacement to have your lights shining like new.

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