Anti-Electrolysis Zinc Anode Weight for Salt Water Pools

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Our zinc anode includes bolt holes to attach to the bottom of skimmer basket.

Using a zinc anode helps prevent corrosion or discolouration due to the effects of salt water on metals in your pool water. Zinc anode weights were designed to stop metal erosion and plaster discoloration due to electrolysis. Keeps skimmer basket in place. Bolts permanently inside or outside any skimmer basket.

Please note that anodes may be rectangular, circular or square in shape and may appear differently then photos shown online.

Warranty Coverage: Champlain Plastics Zinc Anodes come with a 30 Day Limited Manufacturers Warranty. The manufacturer warrants their zinc anodes against defects on workmanship and materials. This warranty will be void if the zinc anode becomes damaged as a result of improper installation or use. Warranty does not cover labour charges, cost of lost water or chemicals, or any other damages that may occur.


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