Dolphin Echo Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Maytronics Dolphin Echo Robotic Pool Cleaner

An inground pool can provide so much enjoyment to every summer, but the maintenance required to keep your pool clean can take a huge investment of time and energy. With the Maytronics Dolphin Echo Robotic Pool Cleaner, you’ll be able to keep your pool sparkling all summer, letting you spend more time enjoying your pool, and less time maintaining it.

The Maytronics robotic pool cleaner offers the best in reliability, durability, and performance – all for a reasonable price, and very low operating cost.

Why choose the Maytronics Dolphin Echo Robotic Pool Cleaner?
The Maytronics Dolphin is the best selling robotic pool cleaner on the planet, and with good reason. The Dolphin Echo cleaner provides fast and efficient cleaning for in-ground pools that is so powerful that your pool can go from dirty to sparkling within a 2-hour cleaning cycle.

Despite the power of the Maytronics pool cleaner, the cleaner is designed to be one of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient pool cleaners on the market. Designed with sturdy wheels that won’t harm your pool liner, the Maytronics is programmed to clean every inch of your pool floor and walls. The powerful brush loosens dirt and captures it in the top-loading filter, that you can easily empty and rinse after use.

With a limited 2-year warranty that extends to cover both parts and repair labour, the Maytronics Dolphin is one of the most reliable pool cleaners in the industry – and has a warranty to back this claim.

The Best in Pool Cleaning Technology
The Maytronics Dolphin Echo robotic pool cleaner provides an easy and reliable way to keep your pool sparkling clean and welcoming every time you want to use it. With the Maytronics pool cleaner, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your pool, and less time cleaning it.

ModelBluetooth AppRemote ControllableCaddy IncludedSwivelWeekly TimerCycle Time SelectorDelay StartAutomation CompatibleWarranty
Echo2 Years
S 502 Years
S 300Navigationxxxxxx2 Years
S 300iNav/Programmablexxxxxxx2 Years
M500Nav/Programmablexxxxxxx3 Years

Warranty: (24 months – Plastic Parts; 12 months – Power Supply, Cable, Motor; 0 months – Brushes, Tracks, Filters)

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