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Polaris / Zodiac P955 4WD Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner with Remote

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Polaris P955 4WD Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

Having your own pool comes with a huge number of benefits, but the work involved in keeping your pool clean and ready for swimming can be extensive, requiring hours each week. If you’ve grown tired of spending more time maintaining your pool than swimming in it, there is a solution. With an automatic pool cleaner, you can save yourself time and effort, and enjoy a pool that is even cleaner than one cleaned by hand.

Why choose the Zodiac Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner?

The Zodiac P955 4WD Automatic Pool Cleaner is one of the best and most impressively designed robotic cleaners available. Featuring 4 wheel drive navigation, this cleaner whips around your pool, scrubbing the entirety of your floors, and your walls right up the waterline. The included scrubbing brush helps this cleaner to loosen dirt and stains.

This incredibly robot pool cleaner has been designed to handle pools of all sizes and shapes, and is capable of navigating around unique features, steps, and tight corners to clean every inch of your pool. The P955 is programmed to cover the entire surface area of your pool. But, for times when your pool is facing a tough stain or mess, you can also use the remote to direct your cleaner exactly where you need it to go.

The Zodiac 4WD has a huge capacity for cleaning your pool, with a built-in canister for storing excess leaves, debris and dirt. Complete with a 2-year warranty for your cleaner, you can rely on the Polaris Zodiac 4WD to provide you with incredible cleaning that frees up more time for swimming.

Fast, Effective Automatic Pool Cleaning

If you’re tired of spending time scrubbing, vacuuming and cleaning your pool, a robotic cleaner is the answer you’ve been looking for. With the Zodiac P955 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner, Polaris has introduced a state of the art robotic cleaner that is affordable, effective, and simple to use. Many pool owners are hesitant to make the change to an automatic pool cleaner. But, when you see how effectively this pool cleaning robot removes dirt and debris, you’ll never want to make the change back to manual cleaning.


  • NEW Motion-Sensing Remote
  • Dirty Canister Indicator
  • Easy Lift System
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology – 25% more vacuum power and 4x more debris capacity
  • Easy Clean Filter Canister
  • ActivMotion Sensor®
  • 7-Day Programmable
  • Multiple Cleaning Cycles – floor only, floor & wall, Waterline Only, and Custom
  • Comprehensive Cleaning – Cleans all pool surfaces
  • Premium caddy Included
  • Cable Length 70’ cable
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • 2 Year Warranty


ModelPremium CaddyRemote ControlDirty Canister IndicatorCleaning CycleCleaning ModesBrushCable LengthDriveWarranty
P965iQiAqualink7-Day ProgrammableFloor, Floor/Wall, Waterline OnlySolid-Blade70′ / 60′4WD2 Years
P955Motion-Sensing7-Day ProgrammableFloor, Floor/Wall, Waterline OnlySolid-Blade70′ / 60′4WD2 Years
P945××7-Day ProgrammableFloor, Floor/WallSolid-Blade60′ / 50′4WD2 Years

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