Hayward AQR100 Salt Chlorinator With Cell 30k

Any dedicated swimmer knows that a summer in the pool can come with a price. Traditional chlorine pools can be harsh and drying for the eyes, skin, and hair, and many sensitive swimmers struggle with the impact of pool chemicals on their skin. Chlorine is essential in keeping your pool water safe, clean, and sparkling for your family and friends, but with the Hayward Saltwater Chlorinator, there is a new alternative that can allow you to create your own chlorine using saltwater, and make your swimming experience much more comfortable this summer.

If you’ve ever had the chance to swim in a saltwater pool, you’ll know that the experience is completely different from swimming in a saltwater pool. In a salt pool, operators will add salt to the water and using a built-in chlorinator, this salt is converted to chlorine on-demand, and as needed. Saltwater pools still contain chlorine, but the saltwater chemistry more closely matches our body’s chemistry, and reduces the need for excessive chlorine. The Hayward Saltwater Chlorinator provides one of the best and most affordable saltwater chlorine options for residential pools.

Why choose the Hayward AQR100 Saltwater Chlorinator?

Saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular across Canada. Once available only for commercial applications, Hayward has found a way for homeowners to convert to saltwater pools safely and affordably. The AQR100 chlorinator converts dissolved salt into an ongoing output of chlorine. The salt in your pool will not evaporate, and with this system in place, Hayward can reduce your chlorine costs by up to 50% each year.

As saltwater pools grow in popularity, more options have come to the market for those looking to make the change. Hayward provides one of the highest-quality options for residential chlorine pools, producing up to 20% more chlorine than the competition. The Hayward saltwater chlorinator is a great option for brand new pools, but can also be easily added into your existing setup. Pool owners also love the easy-clean function that extends the life and quality of your chlorinator.

Easy saltwater chlorination with Hayward

With a Hayward saltwater chlorinator, you can reduce your need for chlorine this summer, and make it easier to keep your pool clean and sparkling. Enjoy your pool more this year, and save on trips to the pool shop to top up on cleaning products with the easy installation of the Hayward AQR100 saltwater chlorinator.


  • Produces up to 20% more chlorine than other similar systems on the market
  • Cut traditional chlorine cost by 50%
  • Easy to install in existing pools
  • Weatherproof control unit ensures optimal performance in all conditions
  • Advanced dispensing capability operates at flow rates as low as 20-25 GPM
  • Ability to operate over a wide salt range, 1500 and 4500 PPM
  • Clear vessel and easy-to-remove cartridge allow for easy servicing

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