Air Pillow for Pools (4 x 5 ft)


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Heavy Duty Air Pillow for under your winter cover. This rugged vinyl air pillow absorbs pressure and helps protect your pool walls. The Air Pillow also reduces excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover by puddling the excess water into one area, which can then be siphoned off with a cover pump.

Even more important, air pillows assist in preventing pool walls from splitting due to water freezing. Just place the air pillow between the pool water and the winter cover. Extremely effective when used on above ground pools. Also known as an ice equalizer or pool cover air bag.

You will want to purchase an air pillow that will fit in the middle of your pool with some free space around it. The cover should rest on top of the water around the air pillow.

Air Pillows are:

  • 4 x 5 ft in size
  • Made from heavy-duty vinyl material
  • Designed to prevent damage to your pool wall
  • Made to reduce the strain on your pool cover from debris, rain and snow

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