Deluxe Above Ground Winter Cover for 16’x32′ Oval Pool


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4’ Overlap | 12×12 Weave | 12 Year Warranty

Taking the time to protect your pool this Winter will ensure you have an easy Spring opening! When paired with the right Winterizing chemicals, the GLI Estate solid bound Winter cover will protect your pool from the wear and tear of freezing winter weather and eliminate costly maintenance and spring cleanup. These premium quality Winter covers feature a heavier coating (12×12 weave per square inch), quad stitching, and a scrim lined with a higher weave count. The superior strength of the Estate Winter cover gives you a more durable option to choose when covering your pool this Winter. All covers are treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays, which inhibits deterioration, prevents tearing, and increases the covers’ longevity and lifespan. Estate Winter covers are green with a black underside.


  • Keep your pool free of dirt, leaves, and debris
  • Stop chemical loss through evaporation
  • Prevent algae growth over the Winter season
  • Protects your pool from Winter damage
  • Makes pool opening in the Spring simple and clean


  • Quad stitching with a scrim line and thick, 12 x 12 bound weave
  • Both sides of the cover have 3.24oz lamination for UV resistance and increased lifespan
  • Includes a winch and coated cable to secure the cover to the pool
  • Every cover comes with additional material (a true, 4 foot overhang) to ensure your pool is fully covered during the off season – for example, an 18 foot round Estate cover would actually measure 22 feet in size

Manufacturer’s warranty: 12 years (2 years full) – against seam separations only. This warranty does not cover any punctures, tears, excessive abrasion, pest damage, etc.

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